A Note from Brooklyn Pride regarding Coronavirus

Hello family,

In these scary, uncertain times, we hope that you are well or getting better. Since social distancing is being encouraged, we have cancelled some of our events, including the Theme and Grand Marshall Reveal Party – as much as we want to see you, your health and well-being, as well as ours, is more important at this time. We will follow all recommendations of the CDC and requirements of the state, and we adjust plans as needed.

That being said, we are still planning on going ahead for our week of events in June, from the 8th through the 13th. Hopefully things will have calmed down then, and social distancing will not be as needed.

Get better and/or stay well, and be sure to check on each other (from a safe distance, of course), because the world always needs more looking out for one another.

Much love to all,
AAS, on behalf of the Brooklyn Pride, Inc. board members